Wednesday, 27 June 2012

All Laundry Detergents are NOT created equal!

As we all know, skin is the largest organ in our body; it protects all other organs.  But, did you know that skin absorbs harmful toxins within 26 seconds?  Why would you want to sleep on sheets and use towels washed in detergents that STILL contain harmful toxins?  Cleaning BEFORE Melaleuca meant visiting the "chemical aisle" at the local grocery store.  Products were, and some still are, (think warning labels and "kid-proof" tops) loaded with caustic chemicals, phosphates, and chlorine bleach that made them CHEAP and easy to produce, but hard on the health of your family and the environment.  Melaleuca was created not only to be economical - super-concentrated formulas means less cost per use - but Eco-friendly as well, with formulas POWERED BY NATURE that are free of caustic ingredients. NO SAFETY CAPS NEEDED! Many of the so-called "clean and green" grocery store brands still call for safety caps.  Fact: They can't be as GREEN AND SAFE as what they want you to believe!
Better Laundry with concentrated MelaPower 6x Let's take a look at some differences between MelaPower 6x and other leading brands. The book Melaleuca - A Legacy of Wellness displays vivid pictures of laboratory test results comparing MelaPower 6x with other top brands. The pictures clearly show that MelaPower 6x outperforms the competition. In addition, we learn that "grocery store brands have been selling liquid laundry detergent that is mostly water to American shoppers for the last 60 years."   font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;">Alkaline detergent residue on clothing can cause skin irritations. The pH scale measures acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The scale ranges from 0 to 14, acid to alkaline. The safest pH is closest to that of water, which is a neutral pH of 7, neither acid nor alkaline.  Interestingly, our body keeps our blood pH at 7.35 to 7.45. MelaPower 6x is non-caustic with a pH of 7.5. It is made with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients that are not only gentle to our clothes, but also gentle to our skin and better for the environment. Indeed, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide not only recommends MelaPower 6X for cleaning and removing stains, but also recommends it as the detergent of choice for persons suffering from skin sensitivities, rashes, asthma, and infections.
But, why would major store brands make an alkaline detergent? The answer is that caustic alkaline formulas, which are inexpensive to manufacture, clean by breaking down dirt. But in breaking down dirt, they also break down fibers. It is no wonder clothing has a life expectancy of only fifty washes.  After changing over to MelaPower 6x customers regularly report cleaner laundry and less dryer lint.
I did my own experiment and bought small portions of other laundry detergents.  I put one load in a jar and shook them.  Below are some results:

This is Clorox with bleach; the orange stuff floating at the top of the water is animal fat. Notice it never quite dissolved and had a chemical reaction around the lid. It actually ate off the bottom of the lid on the inside.

This is Tide.  Again, never dissolved and had a serious chemical reaction through the seal.

Here is an Amway detergent; this one had the worst reaction through the lid, but it did dissolve.

Here is Melaleuca's detergent.  Nice and clean, no noticeable chemical reaction, and believe it or not, the LEAST EXPENSIVE detergent.

MelaPower 6x is available in formulas for regular and high-efficiency washing machines and also Scent-Free or Fresh Scent. The Fresh Scent fragrance is made from essentials oils. Whichever you use, it only takes a 1/2 ounce of MelaPower 6x to effectively clean a load of laundry. Using so little laundry detergent goes against our first inclination:  the more suds the better; but the overuse of soap does a poor job of cleaning clothes and can actually damage the wash machine.

ASTHMA:  Harmful detergents and other cleaners create a whole other slew of problems for people with asthma.  If the detergents don't rinse from the jar, they certainly don't rinse from clothes, bedding, towels, etc . . . ., meaning an asthmatic is breathing them all night through their pillow case and rubbing them on their body.
New Melaleuca Customer:  I suggest you do an empty load in your washer to clean out toxic residue from grocery store brands........ 

TIP:  invest in the Reusable Pump ($1.99) so you will never use more than a 1/2 ounce or in the Drain-Back Cap ($.99), also pre-measured to only use a 1/2 ounce. 
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